Skates Sharpened and Repaired: images

These images are not guaranteed to have anything to do with Skates Sharpened and Repaired, but they are all images that seem to me to have a place in the project. If you need some imagery to go with the music, this is a good place to start.
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[IMG]pedro-piano1-x600.jpg2001-12-07 08:31 14K 
[IMG]pedro-piano2-x600.jpg2001-12-07 08:31 17K 
[IMG]skates_sharpened_and_repaired.jpg2001-07-17 21:29 29K 
[IMG]smile_tm.jpg2001-09-16 23:23 21K 
[IMG]superior_sunset.jpg2001-09-16 23:23 13K 
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