skates sharpened and repaired: hardware

The main recording deck for skates sharpened and repaired is a TASCAM Portastudio 424mkII. Mixing is done generally to a mini-disc, which is then digitally-transferred to a CDR, and ripped from CDR into .wav format. I'm using Shure SM58betas and SM57s. I also recently purchased a stereo condenser mic for my mini-disc player so that I can do some live, "ambient" recordings. The music is recorded and compressed using tools available with the Debian GNU/Linux operating system.

Instruments used or slated to be used: Washburn 6-string D12, Yamaha 12-string (stage model), Fender Rhodes "Seventy-Three", various effects pedals, Hammond j-400 organ, Alvarez Mandolin, Delta Banjo, Steinway grand pianos, an unidentified drum set, and some cheap Hohner harmonicas. p.a. peterson likes d'addario strings, but he's not sponsored and so he hasn't changed his strings in a long, long time.