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2015Mar01 20:08:03 * <-- get your fresh rpi2 image (the only difference besides updated preload packages is bcm2708_rng is loaded on boot, and several non-RPi2 SOC sound modules are blacklisted)
2015Mar01 19:12:48 * <-- hey nerds
2015Mar01 18:07:32 * <-- related
2015Mar01 16:21:53 * <-- oh, so that is how it works. I wondered.
2015Mar01 14:51:15 * <-- Cleveland Rocks! In its head. Warning to civilians, esp. to the immature, those who cannot yet contract: "Hey Kids! Cops ain't gonna' wait to see whether you're holding a gun-shaped toy; cops gonna' see how quick they can drop your careless punk-ass. --- ha ha failed to "exercise due care to avoid injury." --- there's other stink, here
2015Mar01 14:37:05 * <-- eythian
2015Mar01 14:31:48 * <-- corollary of Zawinski's Law: in debian package management, every 3-line build script expands until it becomes a buildd
2015Mar01 14:31:20 * <-- that's kinda catchy
2015Mar01 14:22:58 * <-- weird cover Monday
2015Mar01 13:47:00 * <-- also pedro

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