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2016Jul30 21:18:04 *
2016Jul30 19:56:27 *
2016Jul30 18:02:09 *
2016Jul30 15:46:08 * <-- wow
2016Jul30 15:01:11 * <-- when shopping, do not buy more than 450kg of groceries at once
2016Jul30 09:24:01 * <-- that is not a valid photo ID
2016Jul30 09:21:07 * <-- Randall
2016Jul30 09:19:47 * <-- neale, emad
2016Jul30 08:27:32 *
2016Jul29 23:30:02 * <-- good news, I think flanigan is safe for now (though I can't find any maps which plot actual areas)

dumont, master of the io tower clickolinko was created by Neale Pickett, who was too modest to credit himself.
Sean Neakums, who butchered clickolinko after installing it on flynn, does not suffer from that problem.
Props to the usual gang of idiots for ideas, suggestions, testing and shouting.