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* <-- like probably everyone else, didn't know that was still a thing
* <-- exhibit B
* <-- exhibit A
* <-- I wonder if fuzzie can find the generation simply by the vuln list
* <-- the biggest silicon, you say?
* <-- Hello, I need the biggest silicon you have. No, that's too big.
* <-- fuzzie
* <-- fuzzie
* <-- liebot, what is the saddest thing?
* <-- "We have been adding new servers and extra capacity at a record pace every single day this week nonstop, but today exceeded even our most optimistic projections."
* <-- Welp.
* <-- hmm, or a landline?
* <-- if only someone had told us this back in the 90s
* <-- I see SMBC is cutting in on Randall's territory again
* <-- I did recognize one thing that I had worked on, mostly because there's exactly one of the things I worked on that can be identified at a glance.
* <-- apparently not
* <-- that's exactly what's going to happen, isn't it?
* <-- "You couldn't wear your pants any lower, so you made tiny pants for each leg! Say it!"
* <-- Arecibo is failing SLOs
* <-- never heard of Fletcher before yesterday, but now it's in hashlib-additional. I can quit whenever I want.
* <-- TIL when expecting a value of type 'time', PostgreSQL understands the string 'allballs' as 00:00:00.00 UTC.
* <-- SpaceHobo: I'm ordering 5 and putting them all at random angles to each other
* <-- huh, another site's doing it with Liberation Sans
* <-- pretty sure underlining it means that's what it chose to represent
* <-- a friend found this
* <-- welp, I just deleted my Good Eats video collection
* <-- it was archived in 2014, but I doubt it changed in the next 5 years
* <-- this is my new discrete Intel graphics card whine
* <-- I'm still freaked out that I found that with about 5 minutes of work
* <-- and this is something which totally won't happen again

dumont, master of the io tower clickolinko was created by Neale Pickett, who was too modest to credit himself.
Sean Neakums, who butchered clickolinko after installing it on flynn, does not suffer from that problem.
Props to the usual gang of idiots for ideas, suggestions, testing and shouting.