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flynn is host to tastytronic industries and many other projects such as host for several other domains (only a few of them useful).

The machine known as flynn began life in 1999 on an old 386 installed from floppies with a main drive running on an ISA SCSI card from an Iomega ZIP drive. In the fall of 1999, it moved to Cyrix P150+ and a 350MB IDE. Since then it moved to Pentium Pro, dual PPRO, dual PII, dual PIII, dual AMD Opteron, and now i7. It is on its 10th installation. I have really enjoyed running this box, and [while this is now adorably quaint advice I leave it here for posterity:] if you can find affordable SMP (dual-processor) hardware, I highly reccomend it over single (or single-core) CPU systems.

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